What to Do When Stopped for a Traffic Violation


We all get a bell rang in our mind when we see those blue and red flashing lights rapidly approaching us from the rear. In some cases we may have an intuition like, it might be for another person, but, we ought to never believe this intuition and should carefully and gradually pull over to the side of the road.

Remember, there is no acceptable reason for a person to not obeying an officer’s command to pull over. One has to stop after getting the signal from the cop even if he/she is sick or has a pregnant woman about to give birth.

While dealing with the police officer you need to stay calm and as quiet as you can to avoid additional damages to your driving record and ticket fine. Even in case you know that for which offence you were pulled over, you should not say that to the police officer and should just listen to him quietly. You require not to admit guilt, because that can be used against you in a later proceeding.

If you are asked about your identification, you should provide it. Because if you deny or fail to provide your identification, it can be considered as a separate violation which will just increase the mess for you. You should not provide any wrong information to the cop. If you don’t want to give the answer to any of the questions asked by the cop you should simply say that you don’t know about it. You also have the right to tell the officer that you will talk to a lawyer about the situation first, or that you will not discuss the matter at this time.


Having a ticket receipt does not imply that you are blameworthy, or will found guilty, or that you will need to pay a fine for the ticket. You can fight against it in the court and with the lawyer’s help you can dismiss it completely. But if you simply pay the fine without fighting your case it will be counted as a conviction in your record. So when you got a ticket, just control your tongue in the officer’s presence, do not become argumentative and take your protest to court with the help of an experienced lawyer.

Now, you can beat your traffic ticket before it beats you. Just contact and speak to our experienced traffic attorneys to get all of your traffic law questions answered.