Speeding Tickets


Keeping up proper speed limit may sound like an easy enough feat, but while driving, it’s not easy to put it into practice. Especially, when you have to deal with every day’s dilemma that puts pressure on you to stay on the go, Then you need to consult with Speeding ticket lawyer. Speeding tickets are given to slow down all of the road blusters and all of the aggressive drivers. Officers who issue speeding tickets usually measures the speed with radar. In New Jersey, a speeding ticket of 1 to 14 miles over the cutoff is a 2 point offense. A speeding ticket of 15 to 29 is a 4-point offense. At last, a speeding ticket of 30 or more after the cutoff is a 5-point offense. However, if you violate traffic rules at the areas designated as a safe corridor area or construction zones fines will be doubled. The Stabile Law Firm gives the best defense lawyers to battle against your speeding tickets in New Jersey. We are energetically dedicated to our customers’ needs.

New Jersey sets speed limit laws for various zones, for example, street, road, and expressway. It is 25 for business or private locale and school zones, 35 for rural business or local locations and 50 for all different roadways.

Some drivers take traffic tickets very lightly, thinking if they ignore them, they will simply go away. However, this will not be the case. On the off chance that you neglect to react to your traffic tickets, the government can issue arrest warrant against you, which can result in you being taken into custody. You can also be subject to receiving a suspended license for failing to pay an issued fine, which is why speeding tickets should never be ignored, Then you need to consult with a Speeding ticket lawyer.

Our legal advisors at the Stabile Law Firm wins battles against speeding tickets in NJ, regardless of the fact that you know or think you are guilty of speeding. Our law firm has represented more than 100,000 cases for a traffic ticket on the condition of New Jersey and the majority of those traffic violations was speeding tickets. You can contact or visit our premises for any further information.