No Car Insurance


No Car Insurance in New Jersey? The driver requires to have insurance on the vehicle he is driving. If any driver, is driving or operating a motor vehicle upon any public road or highway in the state without insurance will be considered as violation of laws. Driving without insurance is one of the most serious motor vehicle offence and the punishments for driving without insurance are worst.

In New Jersey, according to Section 39:6B-2, that is a law against people who drive without liability insurance, If you are driving without license and caught for the first time it will be considered as your first offence. First offence includes a fine of at least $300 and at most $1,000.00, DMV surcharges of $250 for three years, and a mandatory license suspension of one year. Also the owner is required to pay additional court costs and fee along with these penalties. And if after attempting first offense, you still continue driving with or without same vehicle you will be subject to pay a fine of up to $5000.00 with an obligatory jail sentence of 14 days and a license suspension for exactly two years. The court may likewise sentence the driver to 30 days of community services. In New Jersey, one day of community services is thought to be 6 hours long, so the community services sentence is truly 180 hours. A driver who has been sentenced a second time of driving without liability insurance does not automatically get their license back. So one should never think of ignoring first offense otherwise he will have to reap multiplied penalties.

So, if you have been charged for driving with no car insurance in New Jersey, the Stable Law Firm can help you in the best possible way! Our main objective will be to win your case or at the very least reduce the charge to a minor violation.