Knowing your limits when it comes to alcohol is very important, Especially when you are driving in a state like New Jersey. The State of New Jersey has strict laws for the drunk driving, and when you drink and drive in New Jersey, you risk your privileges, finances and your future. An individual is blameworthy of drunk driving in the event if he/she operates a vehicle with a Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) of 0.08 percent or more noteworthy. BAC alludes to the measure of liquor in your blood. In spite of the fact that the law alludes to a 0.08 percent BAC, you can be declared guilty of driving while under the influence of intoxicating liquor even when your BAC is below 0.08 percent. In order to handle a New Jersey DUI and DWI matter, you need to choose your lawyer in a very careful way. An experienced lawyer can either sort out your case completely or at the very least will reduce the charge to a minor violation. We at Stabile Law Firm, have an excellent success rate in winning DUI and DWI cases and our lawyers are well experienced in handling all such types of cases.

Why Stabile Law Firm?

We have over 100 years of combined experience in winning DUI and DWI cases. Firstly, we discover the facts and the information or lack of information provided in the discovery and then proceed forward for favorable results. Our best DUI and DWI lawyer’s ensures that you get the attention your case deserves.

Then we enter our appearance and plead the client NOT GUILTY. After appearing in the court, we try to dismiss the case, but in the event that the case is not dismissed and we have no issues we try to get the minimum penalties in view of the offense or we can go to trial and put the State’s proof to its test. There are many reasons behind why you should use DUI and DWI defense lawyers from Stabile Law Firm LLC. Some of them are shown below:

1. Expertise. Since our defense legal counselors work in DUI and DWI and traffic tickets in New Jersey, we have a phenomenal success rate. In fact, we ONLY acknowledge DUI and DWI and traffic matters, that’s why our center and focus lies in DUI and DWI and traffic tickets only.

2. Case Load. If you are charged with a DUI and DWI case, you must well understand the stress and uncertainty it can cause. But make sure your lawyer is equally bothered as you, if you want to come out of this mess soon. Your attorney should not have more than 10 files at any given time in order to give your case proper attention it deserves. At Stabile Law Firm, we are able to ensure you get the attention your case deserves.

3. Expense Policies. We understand that you hire an attorney to solve your problems, not to be the source of them! The cases generally end up in between 3 to 6 months. Many clients are not able to pay expenses in advance. That’s why we have made an extremely adaptable installment arrangement for our clients in order to be a helping hand for them.

4. Flexible Financing. The typical life span of a case is between 3 to 6 months. We understand that many clients are not able to pay our fees up front. This is why we have created a very flexible payment plan.

5. Proper Services: We take care of our customers need and value their time by providing them services on time. You can call our office during business hours, either our representative will answer your query immediately or we will return your call within one business hour. We also provide a FREE CONSULTATION over the phone or at our office.


If you refused to take a breath test in New Jersey, then it will be considered as a very serious offence and can impart more penalties in your case. On your first offense, you will be subjected to a fine of $300-$500 and a license suspension of not less than seven months or more than one year. On 2nd offense, the fine will increase to $500-$1,000 and a 2-year license suspension. They may refer you to an Intoxicated Driver Resource Center. Therefore, you must never refuse to submit a Breathalyzer test. However, there are many DUI defense strategies that can be used to undermine the results of BAC testing. Your lawyer must be aware of all these strategies in order to save you from harsh penalties.