Careless Driving


Careless driving is the most common traffic offense in New Jersey. Careless driving means driving with absence of alertness and that incorporates daydreaming, reaching for something in the vehicle, or looking at something outside of the vehicle. One can get a traffic ticket issued on the charge of careless driving for making a lane change too suddenly, talking on a cell phone, pampering kids on the back seat while driving and for cases where someone is seriously injured or where real people are actually harmed. You can get a careless driving ticket also, when someone is operating your vehicle much like someone who is drunk, but the person is really not drunk. Most of the times people who are perfectly innocent get this type of ticket. .

It is necessary to consult with a good lawyer to know how to deal with all such situations. According to section 39:4-97 CARELESS DRIVING, the one who got a careless driving traffic ticket will be subject to 2 points on his/her driving record. This can cause your insurance premium to go up in price if you already have a few points on your driving record. And the fines can range from $78.00 to $200.00, if convicted in court. There are no upgraded punishments for a second or subsequent offense of careless driving in New Jersey. Careless driving is a lesser included offense of reckless driving.

You can take help from our Stabile Law Firm to prove your innocence in the court in all cases of careless driving. We can either reduce your point by defending you effectively in the court or can completely dismiss the charge in some cases.