At Stabile Law Firm, we are a full-service law firm with concentration in traffic law and DUI - DWI matters in New Jersey. We pride ourselves on our ability to solve traffic violations.

Traffic Tickets

There are many different types of traffic tickets violations in New Jersey...


Speeding Tickets

Speeding Tickets are often issued by state troopers or local police ...


No Car Insurance

If you have been charged for driving with no insurance in New Jersey...


Reckless Driving

A reckless driving traffic tickets is considered a major offense in NJ...


Careless Driving

Careless Driving is a less severe offence than Reckless Driving and it is perhaps...


Suspended License

If you are pulled over and are aware of your license being suspended...


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In 1993 our Firm was initiated in New Jersey with an end goal to give the best defense legal advisors to our customers. From that point forward, we have extended to include more lawyers, various associates, a rundown of specialists and support staff. Today, we are known for winning numerous cases related to traffic or criminal offences in New Jersey.

Running a constructor vehicle in excess of 45 mph, Taking an incorrect turn at traffic lights, Incorrect left or right turn, Incorrect U-turn, Inappropriate turn from approved turning course.

Inaccurate passing, Inaccurate passing in no passing zone, Inaccurate going on right or off roadway, Surpassing maximum speed 15-29 mph over the limits, Driving in a dangerous way (points assessed for the third or consecutive violation(s) inside a five-year time span.), improper passing of frozen dessert truck.

Surpassing maximum speed of 30 mph or more over the limit, Failure to go to right of vehicle proceeding in opposite direction, Improper passing of school transport, Racing on the roadway.

Leaving the scene of a mishap - With Personal Injury

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Our team of lawyers finds innovative solutions to our clients' needs. We truly are vigorous in our representation. We never back away from a fight, but we choose our battles carefully to ensure the best outcome for our clients.

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Steve Stabile is the owner of the Stabile Law Firm.

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Careless Driving Ticket Lawyer Woodbridge Township

Stabile Law Firm, LLC have been delivering the know-how careless driving ticket legal experience to clients in need for an abundant amount of time. This enabled Stabile Law Firm, LLC to build a strong relationship with the residents of and around Woodbridge Township area. The attorneys at Stabile Law Firm, LLC are trained and have a successful history studying the unique details of careless driving ticket cases to build a proper defense, working hard to achieve satisfactory results.

Accusations and charges of criminal conduct can upend your life, affecting everything from your freedom to your finances. Our principal focus is serving clients throughout Woodbridge Township and surrounding areas. Stabile Law Firm, LLC are committed to helping each client obtain a favorable outcome.

If you or a loved one has been arrested or are under investigation of a criminal charge, it is critical that you do not say anything to authorities without legal consent. Make sure that you contact Stabile Law Firm, LLC first. Stabile Law Firm, LLC are a team of Woodbridge Township careless driving ticket attorneys that provide an honest and thorough evaluation of your case when you call (732) 602-7795. Your initial consultation is free.

Stabile Law Firm, LLC offer high-quality representation, individualized attention, and are committed to putting the needs of our clients first. Call our firm today to schedule your consultation. Your first consultation is free with no obligation!

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